Custom Cowboy Boots

After many years of planning and building, we are excited to offer custom cowboy boots!

Our goal is to provide you with high quality, long lasting boots that tell your story. We offer you top quality leathers to chose from and an array of decorative features that will make any cowboy want to wear his jeans tucked into his boots to show them off.

The Experience

Our boot fittings are by appointment only. We want you to love your boots, so it is essential that we make sure the fit and design are just right and this takes some time. Once the appointment is made, Drew Thorn, our bootmaker will begin by taking many different measurements of your feet to build your lasts. Your boots will be built around your lasts, so they will be molded for your feet making for a perfect fit. Once the measurements are checked, we’ll begin the design process. From the color and types of leather to the stitching and decorative pieces to the type of toe, we’ll discuss each part of your boot to design something that is unique.

Pricing for our custom boots begins at $800 and can increase based on types of leather and level of detailing. To make your appointment, email us or call us at (830) 896- 4303. We look forward to working with you!